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    Waterproofing is part of civil construction job, but it altogether require due knowledge and competence for successful handling of job. The requirement for a job from the perspective of civil engineer may differ from the waterproofing requirement for the job. This brings into the focus the requirement of a specialist waterproofing agency, which in close co-ordination with the civil engineer incorporates the necessary requirement to fulfill the goal.
    While in case of a new project a series of professional are engaged in the concept from the drawing board to the site execution with written specification at each and every step. In case of structures with failed/rectification waterproofing we at Sidh Engineers provide foolproof solution to our customers. The job include inspection of the site, collecting details about the structure and the problem, looking for probable causes and specifying the best available option for the problem.
    Waterproofing of old and new structures

    1. Terrace
    2. Sunkun portion
    3. Basement
    4. Water tanks
    5. Swimming pools

    Based on the client requirement and on the basis of the assessment we provide solution best suited to the requirement of client. The solutions offered are

    1. Cement Injection grouting .
    2. PU Injection Grouting
    3. Epoxy injection grouting
    4. Kota stone waterproofing
    5. Cement based polymer waterproofing coating
    6. Pure acrylic waterproofing coating
    7. Gunniting
    8. Brickbat coba waterproofing
    9. APP membrane

    In addition to the system outlined above we also undertake latest waterproofing treatment using  

      • EPDM membrane
      • PVC  membrane
Expansion joint: Top^

The width of expansion joint is increasing due to seismic consideration and height of structure, gone are the days when the width of expansion joint used to be 25 to 50 mm, we at Sidh Engineers offer solution for all type of expansion joint like

  • Uniform width joints
  • Non uniform width joints;

And offer solution ranging as per the best industry practice like use of;

  • Polysulphide sealant
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Silicone sealant
  • Joint tapes
  • Hypalon membrane
  • Extruded Aluminium profiles etc.

Depending on various factors as per site conditions


Epoxy flooring
Epoxy flooring is another specialized segment in which Sidh engineers operates. Epoxy Flooring job requires trained manpower. We undertake epoxy jobs like;

  • Epoxy coatings
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Self level epoxy flooring

Thermal insulation
Given the power scenario it is always advisable to use some sort of insulation for building so as to reduce load requirement. Various options are available depending on the distinct requirement to achieve this like;

  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • EPS
  • XPS
  • Solar reflective coatings




Structural rehabilitation
All built structures require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. With regular and periodic maintenance life of a structure can be prolonged. Neglected structure fail on various account like seeping water, corrosive environment etc. and develop various defects like cracks, spalling, corrosion which shorten the life span of structure and in some cases may even collapse. Structures even if maintained require regular maintenance to protect them. We offer solution for structural protection and carry out rehabilitation work.

EPDM work in progress.